Depression must be differentiated from ordinary grief when there has been a loss, change, trauma, or significant frustration of some goal.  The defining features of depression are sadness, emptiness, or irritability. It can also manifest as a loss of interest in or lack of pleasure from activities in which the individual had previously been avid. In order for depression to warrant treatment, it must be prevalent for a minimum of two weeks and be in sharp contrast to the individualís ordinary level of functioning.  Even still, medical explanations including drug use must be explored before deciding about a diagnosis of depression.

Signs of Depression include the following:





In order to be symptomatic any of the above must happen more days than not.







These signs of depression are presented to alert the reader to possible indicators of depression.  Several of these signs must be present in order to meet the clinical criteria for Depression. Depression is a psychiatric disorder that must be diagnosed by a trained mental health professional.



Treatment of Depression


Methods of treating Depression that have demonstrated efficacy in scientific investigations include: