My full fee is currently 225 dollars per hour.  That being said, I am usually able to adjust my fee to the financial realities of those seeking my services.  When possible, I employ a sliding fee scale that computes the discount rate based on an individual's or family's income relative to the governmental definition of poverty.  I have had little trouble finding a fee that fits within the means of those who come to me and am confident that most financial concerns can be negotiated. That being said, there are limitations on my ability to offer reduced fees and occasionally I reach a point where I am unable to accept more patients under these conditions.


With regard to psychological testing, my full fee for a complete evaluation of a adult or adolescent is 4000 dollars. This fee includes all the meetings, interviews, feedback sessions, generation of a psychological report, and any letters that are required.  Again, I am usually able to work with families to find a fee that will not create an undue hardship.